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Di Barsotti aka Novaj 新し

DJ & Producer

Di Barsotti is a producer who likes to remain broad and enigmatic, especially in his musical influences. 

You can find him playing at your favorite venues in Paris, Seoul or Hong Kong and his music videos are available at the origin of the youtube channel Novaj 新し, where his tracks have become a massive succes.

He also recently released original tracks on labels like Sure Cuts Records & LTD , 6ème Sens Records, Chikyu-u Records or Novaj 新し Records.

Booking & Contact Information

Hoocker’s Club
(1x Tracks, Digital Various Artist) / 6ème Sens Records / Genre : Minimal,Dub Techno / Released : 10/08/2017

Gerard From Roubaix
(Feat. NAUX) (1x Tracks, Digital) / Novaj 新し Records / Genre : House / Released : 11/03/2018

Marseille Paris
(1x Tracks, Digital Various Artist) / Sure Cuts Records / Genre : Lo-fi, House/ Released : 04/06/2018

KKÉ – Money
(Di Barsotti Edit) (1x Tracks, Digital) / Novaj 新し Records / Genre : House / Released : 20/11/2018

Fuji Blossom
(Feat. Pépé Elle) (1x Tracks, Digital Various Artist) / Hazed & Confucius / Genre : Deep House, Lo-Fi Released : 01/12/2018

Borderline 境界
(1X track, Digital Various artist) / Chikyu-u Records / Genre : Minimal, Dub Techno / Released : 08/02/2019

Nu Shooz – Should I Say Yes
(Di Barsotti Smoked Edit) /(1x Track Digital) / Novaj 新し Records / Genre: House / Released: 16/05/2019

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